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5 responses to “Providing Comments

  1. I am the President of the Board of the Friends of the Pere Marquette Railtrail (a non-profit advocacy group). Kim Haller (County Parks & Rec) is an ad-hoc member of our group and has helped develop our plans and hopes for extending the Rail which include
    – Sanford Park connector to the Rail Trail trail head
    – Veterans’ Park connector to the Rail Taril
    – Averill Rollway improvements (parking, rest stop, pavillion, etc)
    – Covered rest stops on the trail

    Dave Waite

  2. J Malek

    The county’s most popular parks, the Pere Marquette Rail-Trail and Sanford Lake Park are the stars of the system, and are continually being maintained and improved. Pine Haven and Veterans Memorial are also fairly well-known, but the remainder of the system needs to be more widely publicized. The proposed Averill trailhead should be a significant addition, as will the River Trail Heritage Park.

  3. Anonymous

    Midland County Parks have always been well maintained. However, Midland County Parks still are confused with the City of Midland park areas. So, there needs to be an effort to clearly explain the differences.

    A few comments on the direction that the Midland County Parks and Recreation Commission should be considering for the future:

    First- There should be an effort to partner with the private sector in providing opportunities for further development of lesser known park areas; i.e. Manitou Park and River Trails Heritage Park. Because of the “unique” character of these two parks (beautiful and scenic water based settings) they are just waiting to spotlight not only their beauty, but historical significance. Many other park systems throughout the country partner with the private sector in providing unique restaurant settings, wedding venues and other destination opportunities. These opportunities also stimulate the local economy and often create micro economies. Approached correctly, (again there are many examples of successes) these types of partnerships reduce the bottom line operating costs therefore reducing the tax burden for Midland County citizens. These days that is a concern given the County’s budget issues that are a concern. Because Midland County Parks are a non-mandated service, they always receive close scrutiny when looking for a place to “cut” a budget. Yet, they are the “Most” visible Midland County operation that people can relate to. Often, to make a point about how cuts are going to be made, parks are talked about because they are the most visible “budget wound” that can make a point. Try cutting an attorney or a court clerk and see if anyone notices except those that are being cut. I assure you..NO TAX PAYING CITIZEN WILL NOTICE !!! But take away an opportunity to fish, swim, picnic, ride a bike etc, and see if that will be a concern to the tax payer.

    Private sector partnerships work and should be considered for the long term life of the Midland County Parks Commission’s system.

    Second: A concerted effort should be put forth by members of the Midland County Board of Commissioners and appointed Midland County Parks Commissioners to seek input for the Master Plan. That is, they themselves should do some personal communicating with the public. A few phone calls will go a long way in helping seek input and provide an education to some of those folks that don’t know the difference between City of Midland and Midland County Parks. Have them explain where to obtain more information concerning county parks – i.e. websites and main office numbers. Don’t rely on a “firm from out of town” to do all the work on the plan. Talk to all foundation representatives and seek their input (they’ll be a better informed partner for future funding requests and feel that they have contributed in some way in how the shape of the “Big Picture” of the community will look; not just the City of Midland. The foundation officials’ concern is to provide a healthy and prosperous Midland County community for employees that are being recruited to live, recreate and enjoy a quality healthy community.

    Make an effort to seek the input from the “whole” county community. Not just a small sampling. You have an opportunity before you folks….do what’s right for future generations.

  4. C Allen

    I would appreciate “quiet” areas in at least some of the parks. The noise levels often interfere with listening for birdsong and relaxing. No radios, no loud voices, and away from traffic — that would truly be a pleasure.

  5. Jerry W

    It appears that the county only has one motor boat launch, it being at Sanford Lake Park. It would seem that more small boat access to the rivers via boat launches would enhance access to our many rivers.

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