Input at River Days a Success

Thanks to everyone who showed up at River Days and shared their thoughts on the future of Midland County parks and recreation! Over 50 people took time out on this beautiful evening to chat with us. We heard many great ideas, which will be used to help inform the plan’s goals and objectives. From here, we will compile and organize the input, and then share a summary of your ideas with the Midland County Parks and Recreation Commission.



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2 responses to “Input at River Days a Success

  1. J Siler

    I would like you to consider putting in a paved bike trail along the river, from approximately the entrance of Northwood to River Bend Park.

    This would make a nice scenic loop for bikers and rollerbladers, as they could ride through Emerson Park to River Bend Park and then on to the Rail Trail and back to town.

    Thanks for your consideration.

  2. W Dilling

    I have made comments similar to the ones below to the Midland bicycle/NMT advisory committee regarding city streets, but the same applies to Midland County roads. As a first priority I suggest the county include bicycle infrastructure (bike lanes/separate paths) in all road construction both for new roads (like is being done for the new Meridian bridge) and reconstruction of existing roads . Do not allow expense to always prevent the construction of these facilities. If enough funds are not available then do fewer road projects. As a secondary priority retrofit roads for bicycle to the extent that finances allow. Priorities should be for routes to established paths like the PM rail-trail, to schools, to business, etc.

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