Reminder – We Need Your Input

Please stop by and visit us at our River Days booth by the Tridge this Friday between 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm and share your ideas and suggestions about the future of recreation in Midland County.

River Days 2008



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6 responses to “Reminder – We Need Your Input

  1. Janine

    Veterans Memorial Park. I like this park. I enjoy walking its many trails or sitting and enjoying nature.

  2. cinnamonamon

    I love all the wonderful parks around here! I live near enough to downtown that I can walk to at least half a dozen parks with my boys. I don’t usually see much room for improvement, but here are my few suggestions:

    1. Thrune Park — is there a way to have the lawn maintenance workers clear out the drain after they mow? It is constantly clogged with lawn clippings, which leads to stagnant water (yuck!). The only way you could improve this park (which is probably my favorite) would be with maybe a small slide (preschool suitable). I’m continually impressed with the overall cleanliness of the bathroom & grounds.

    2. Chippawassee park — the playground is awesome, but not so much for young children. If there were a smaller play structure near the big one, it would be much more usable for families with children in several age ranges.

    3. Central park — this park has so much potential! Unfortunately it is in direct sunlight with no nearby shade until after 5pm, so it’s difficult to use. The few times we’ve walked here, we’ve been the only ones there almost every time. It’s a shame for such a nice play area to sit empty. Would it be possible to install a large canvas to provide shade? I know they were becoming quite commonplace in Florida parks when I lived there.

    Again, I wanted to reiterate how wonderful the area parks are and how much we appreciate them & also all the activities Midland organizes — River days, Tunes by the Tridge (we’re disappointed to see it over so soon!)… Thank you for all your hard work!

  3. E Misner

    Thank you for publishing this site address in the MDN. I was not aware of it before. I would like to see the bank reenforcement at the forks of the Tridge improved and maintained. A lot of effort went into the establishment of that project to prevent the erosion of that spot which would ultimately affect the Tridge stability. Hugh Starks is solely responsible for spearheading that effort. Unfortunately stones were used that were very attractive and small enough for small hands to have great fun throwing them into the river. The embankment could be built up again with larger stones which would eliminate the above problem. It would also restore the attractiveness of the embankment which is observed by nearly every visitor to Midland since it is our “signature site”. I hope you will seriously consider including this project in your plan. We have beautiful parks and wonderful recreation facilities in Midland and I thank you for taking such good care of them.

  4. park user

    The Tridge is a City of Midland park, they are responsible for it, not the County of Midland. I do agree though, it does need some work.

  5. KB

    The parking lot at North Bradley for the rail trail parking needs attention. If it rains at all, it’s under water. Then it’s a mud pit.

  6. Dena

    We have lived in Coleman for 4 years and never knew about Laur Park. When we were told about this park and went to investigate it, we were very amazed with this park. It was very nice and enjoyable. Please put a sign on Coleman Rd. for better knowledge about this park.

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